How to increase creativity and happiness by controlling your desk


Have you heard the following words?
“A messy desk makes your thoughts clearer.”

This is something that has been clarified in previous research, so many people have heard it. This time, we will introduce research that has further developed this.
“A messy desk clears thoughts but makes personality untidy”

According to this experiment, students who work at a tidy desk are more likely to donate to charity than students who work at a dirty desk, and avoid unhealthy junk food, resulting in happiness It seems to have improved.

On the other hand, students who work at a dirty desk seem to have improved problem-solving skills. This is the same result as the previous research.

That's why dirty desks and tidy desks have their strengths and weaknesses, respectively.
At first glance, it seems to be a choice between creativity and happiness, but I think there are ways to enjoy the benefits of both.
For example, you can enjoy the benefits of both, if you divide your desk before challenging tasks and clear the desk when you are close to work.
Why don't you increase your creativity and happiness with the simple method of “controlling your desk”?

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