Women are 3 times more likely to wear red clothing when they are morelikely to become pregnant(University of British Columbia, 2013)

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The findings of the study presented here are as follows.

  • Women tend to wear red or pink at the most fertile time of the month.
  • 77% of the women wearing red or pink were ovulatory.
  • women tend to wear redder clothes in winter than in summer.

Also, in many cultures, red is recognized as a color associated withlove and passion.It has been found that when women wear red, thetendency is stronger.Therefore, women are more likely to be seen asattractive if they are wearing reddish clothes.

Tips for practicing this technique

If you want someone to take a sexual interest in you, you should wearred clothes.

On the contrary, if you do not want to get sexual interest from thesurroundings, you should avoid wearing red clothes.

Introduction of the research

Research InstituteUniversity of British Columbia
Year the study was published2013
Quote sourceBeall & Tracy, 2013

Summary of the research

Women can only become pregnant for a relatively short time during themonthly cycle.However, no objective indicators or methods have beenfound so far to tell if a woman is in the ovulatory phase.For example,several studies have reported that the more likely a woman is tobecome pregnant, the more exposed her skin becomes.But some studiesdeny it.Therefore, it was thought that women might not show any cluesthat they were ovulating.

In the meantime, according to this research, it seems that women giveclues.There are two major findings in this research.

  • Women who are more likely to be pregnant are more than three timesmore likely to wear red or pink than women who are not.
  • 77% of women who wear red or pink are more likely to be in theovulatory phase.

My view on this research

Another indicator of whether a woman is ovulating is the strength ofher makeup.Also, women tend to be more active during the ovulationperiod.If you want to ask a woman out on a date, you may have a betterchance of success when you detect such signals.

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