If you want to win the temptation, use the Mindbus technique

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As you all know, sugar is a great enemy of diet.
The pareo diet also recommends that sugar be completely removed from the table as the “most edible food”.
However, there are times when you just want to eat sugar.
When we wanted to overcome such temptations, there was research that it was effective to use mindfulness techniques.
This time I will introduce it.

This article is recommended for people who:

  • Those who want to overcome temptation
  • Someone who is patient

Reference study

research summary

The research I referred to is as follows.
Mindfulness Could Help Tame Your Sugar Temptations, Study Suggests | The Nutrition Post
In this study, we divided the subjects into three groups and conducted an experiment to resist the temptation of chocolate.

research result

According to this experiment, the group that adopted mindfulness seems to have avoided eating chocolate most.

Speaking of mindfulness, this blog is a keyword that often appears in meditation-related articles.
A simple explanation of mindfulness is “not shed by the thoughts and feelings that come to mind, but just observe those thoughts and feelings”.
Recently, mindfulness has been adopted as a cognitive therapy.

In this experiment, the “mind bus” technique was used among the techniques related to mindfulness.
This technique is also familiar to cognitive therapy.
The mind bus is a technique that “I am a bus driver and think of the thoughts that come to mind as passengers on the bus.”
In this experiment, for example, when the idea of “I want to eat chocolate” comes up, I put that thought on the bus seat and then drop the thought at another bus stop.

How to make practical use of this in your life

If you want to overcome the temptation, use the mindbus technique.
It may seem a little tricky technique, but with this technique you can objectively see the urge to “eat chocolate,” for example.
By doing so, it will be easier to avoid situations where you are unconsciously eating sweets and getting fat.
I would like to use this technique when I want to eat pasta and cheese.

Also, you must be aware of the temptation before using this technique in the first place.
If you can't use the mind bus technique suddenly, it's a good idea to start by noticing temptation.
And if you notice the temptation, then use the Mindbus technique.

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