Countermeasures against gluttony that are scientifically effective

Health and Diet

I have been a big eater.
But gluttony leads to obesity.
Moreover, high calorie intake can lead to aging.

So, I've been taking scientific measures against my gluttony for some time.
This time, we will introduce countermeasures against gluttony.

Brian Wansink's book “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think” is famous.
This book will tell you carefully, “People don't eat because they are hungry, they eat because there is food in front of them.”
Today, we will extract specific methods for eating out from this book.

  • Separate the dishes.

    In order to improve the nutritional balance of the meal, only serve vegetables on a plate.
    Then add another half of the protein and carbohydrates to another dish.

  • Do not eat directly.
    Do not eat directly from bags or boxes that contain food.
    Instead, decide how much to eat first and put that amount on a plate.
  • Make the dish smaller.

    If the dish is small, people will not unconsciously try to eat that much.

  • Reduce food choices.

    Don't leave various foods in the refrigerator.

  • Don't stock up.

    If you have a lot of food in the refrigerator, you will end up eating it.
    So every time you eat, buy something you want to eat.

  • I don't eat while watching TV.

    It has been proven that people who watch TV for a long time are more likely to become obese.

  • Lighten the seasoning.

    Humans are trying to eat too much salty food during the process of evolution.
    If you lightly season it, you won't feel excessive appetite.

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