Standing work is as effective as 10 marathons per year

Health and Diet

According to the article below, working 3-4 hours a day seems to be at the same level of activity as 10 marathons per year.
Calorie burner

According to this, standing work not only lowers blood glucose level, but also increases the secretion amount of enzymes that break down triglycerides, making it difficult to get fat.

According to the following infographics, the amount of activity in the feet completely stopped in sitting work, and health damage would occur.
Equally, according to the news, it is good for your health to be able to control your blood sugar level well by working at your desk.
Sitting Down is Killing You

This is good news for me working with a standing desk.

By the way, in fact, Churchill, Franklin, and Hemingway were also working at the standing desk.I have been in good health since I started working.

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