Affirmation improves problem solving

Goal and Success

I often hear that “life has changed with affirmation.”
Affirmation is a kind of thing that seems to be true when you imply that you are getting better day by day.

I didn't trust this because it was unclear whether this was based on proper empirical research.
However, I thought I shouldn't prejudice, so I researched research on affirmation.
Then, in 2013, there was a study that “self-affirmation improves problem-solving ability under stress”.
PLOS ONE: Self-Affirmation Improves Problem-Solving under Stress

According to this study, comparing subjects who did affirmation with those who did not, it was found that problem-solving would be better if affirmation was performed.

After all, affirmation was scientifically effective.
However, when I read the contents of the experiment carefully, it seems that the affirmation of the experiment is different from what I thought.
The affirmation used in this experiment is as follows.

  1. Ask the subject to select some of the objects they feel worth (any family, friend, justice is okay)
  2. Rank things that you feel worth in order of importance
  3. Write your thoughts in an essay about what you feel most valuable

There is no point in telling yourself that you can do it, and it is important to rethink your thoughts about the value you believe.
Why don't you improve your problem-solving skills by incorporating scientifically correct affirmations into your habits?

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