How To Keep Your Brain 10 Years Younger(University of Cambridge et al., 2016)

Goal and Success

Don't become obese

The best way to keep your brain 10 years younger is to not be obese.
According to the scientific paper reference this time, the brains ofobese people are physiologically 10 years older than those who arenot.

Overweight people have significantly less white matter in the brainthan lean people.

The study examined the brains of 473 people aged between 20 and 87.
The researchers looked specifically at the white matter of the brain.
The white matter of the brain is the tissue that connects the areas ofthe brain and allows them to communicate with each other.The results showed that overweight people had significantly less whitematter in their brain than lean people.

It is from middle age that there is a difference in the amount ofwhite matter in the brain

The study also found that the difference in the amount of white matterin the brain starts in middle age.This means that when we reach middle age, our brains are especiallyvulnerable after that.

Even the low volume of white matter in the brain did not impaircognitive abilities in obese people.

However, the study did not found any defects in the cognitiveabilities of obese people, despite differences in the amount of whitematter in their brain.
In addition, the following has not yet been clarified and is beingresearched.

  • Why overweight significantly reduces the amount of white matter in thebrain
  • The causal relationship between obesity and changes in the amount ofwhite matter in the brain
  • Whether changes in the amount of white matter in the brain arereversible with weight loss
  • How the structure of the brain is affected by changes in the amount ofwhite matter

We are in an aging society, and the level of obesity is increasing.
Therefore, it is important to clarify how these two factors interact,as their health effects can be significant.
Further studies will be conducted on how weight, diet, and exerciseaffect the brain.

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