If you choose only one supplement to take, it should be dietary fiber.

Health and Diet

There are many diet supplements on the market.
There are many types of fat burning and appetite suppression, but only dietary fiber can be said to be really effective after all.
As you can see from reading the following paper, dietary fiber is the best supplement among the supplements that are effective in weight loss.
Effect of diets high or low in unavailable

Just taking a dietary fiber supplement before meals reduces appetite, suppresses blood sugar levels, improves insulin resistance, prevents obesity, and prevents calorie absorption, It ’s all good.
That's why I recommend dietary fiber if you're wasting money on diet supplements.

By the way, looking at the following research results, it seems better to take 50 grams of dietary fiber a day to diet.
Since it is difficult to take 50 grams from food, I think that it is better to supplement the deficiency with supplements.
Beneficial effects of high dietary fiber intake in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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