Exercise can help keep you from being hungry

Health and Diet

I exercise as soon as I get up in the morning.
If you are on a diet, we recommend that you get up in the morning and work out immediately.

There are two reasons.

  • Exercise before breakfast has 20% higher fat burning efficiency
  • It makes it harder to feel hungry

I especially feel the effect of “being less hungry”.
This effect is very nice because it makes no sense to eat a lot during a diet.

Now, I will explain why exercise makes it harder to feel hungry.
The mechanism is as follows.

  1. Exercise with nothing in the stomach
  2. Fat breaks down into sugar
  3. I do n’t eat anything but my blood sugar goes up
  4. Misunderstood that the brain ate rice
  5. Hunger disappears

In fact, if I wake up in the morning and exercise immediately after hunger, my feeling of hunger disappears all at once.
After that, you don't have to eat anything for a while.
It is also recommended for people who want to lose calories.

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