Alcoholic beverages that are less harmful to health

Health and Diet

I have always loved sake and when I start drinking, I drink a lot.
On the other hand, I am doing a pareo diet that reproduces the Paleolithic diet.
Of course, people from the Paleolithic period should not drink alcohol, so if you want to do a strict pareo diet, you should not drink alcohol.
However, it is difficult to drink alcohol at all in reality.
So this time, I will consider scientifically what kind of liquor you can drink in a pareo diet that reproduces the dietary life of the Paleolithic period.

Good sake

In fact, alcohol has the effect of relieving stress.
Stress is not good for anti-aging because it promotes inflammation in the body.
In that sense, sake is good for anti-aging.

Bad sake

  • beer

    The sugar of beer is not good for your health.

  • High-sugar liquor other than beer

    You must be careful because sometimes some sake is high in sugar.

  • Cocktail

    The cocktail is high in sugar and contains fructose.

In addition, as shown in the following literature, sake may interfere with the secretion of male hormones.
In other words, drinking from this point of view has problems with anti-aging.
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

By the way, Asians may be inferior in their ability to break down alcohol, so Asians should be more careful with drinking.
Do People of Asian Descent Have Difficulty Metabolizing Alcohol?


Based on the above points, it seems that there is basically no problem as long as you drink wine or tequila.
However, no matter how good red wine is, if you drink a lot, oxidative stress will occur.
So even if you drink, it seems to be good to keep up to 2 glasses a day.

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