Drinking alcohol can easily increase HDL

Health and Diet

HDL has the effect of preventing arteriosclerosis.
As a way to increase this number, you will generally be advised to “exercise regularly,” “balanced meals,” “lean”.
However, there is one other method that is surprisingly unknown.
This time I will introduce it.

The easiest way to raise good cholesterol is to drink alcohol.
Examples of research that supports this include the following:
Effect of red wine on cholesterol

It seems that ethanol contained in sake has the effect of increasing the HDL value.
This prevents arteriosclerosis.
According to experiments, HDL increased by 4.4% for a glass of beer, and 17% for half-bottle red wine.

That's why people who are concerned about cholesterol levels should drink moderately and increase good cholesterol.
By the way, if you drink alcohol with fish, damage to the liver will increase.
Therefore, it is better to eat meat dishes as much as possible when drinking alcohol. be careful.

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