Chef’s figure is an indicator for choosing a good restaurant

Health and Diet

Have you ever had the following questions?
“Why is a skilled chef not fat?”

Certainly, the three-star chef at the top restaurant feels like many people are not fat. Even patissiers who should have taken a lot of sugar are very slender.
I was wondering if this was just a prejudice, but there was a scientific commentary in a book I read the other day.

There was a book called “Recommendation for Anti-Aging” written by Prof. Yonei, Director of the Japanese Society for Anti-Aging Medicine.
In the explanation of leptin, a hormone that controls hunger, there was such a description.

“If you ’re going to a store with an obese chef, it ’s better to think about it in an anti-aging way because it ’s obese (ie, leptin is more secreted). Because people are insensitive to taste. “

Leptin is famous as a hormone that gives you a feeling of fullness, but it seems to affect the taste when the amount of secretion is high.
That means that if you go to a restaurant where the chef has the same shape as you, you will find the food delicious.In that sense, the chef's figure is an indicator for choosing a good restaurant.Please refer to it.

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