The one who gives generously succeeds

Goal and Success


I read the following book by Adam Grant:

It was just as fun as it had to be.
This time, from the contents of this book, I will introduce the types of successful people.

This article is recommended for people who:

  • Who want to succeed
  • Who do not want to fail


Outline of the book

This book claims that “the one who gives to others is the most successful”.
Author Adam Grant is a well-known organizational psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania at Wharton.
Let me introduce the contents of the book.

There are three types of humans: “giver”, “taker” and “matcher”

There are three types of humans that I propose in this book.

  • giver
    A type that tries to give others more than the profits they earn
  • taker
    A type that tries to get more profit from others than the amount that he gave
  • matcher
    A type that tries to make one's profit equal to the other's profit

However, this property is not fixed, and many people use three types according to the situation.
For example, it is common to act as “giver” for parents and friends and to act as “taker” in the workplace.

“giver” tends to be either a big success or a big failure

So which of the three types is most likely to fail at work?
After 10 years of research by the author, “giver” was the most likely to fail.

It seems to come to the conclusion that “I will stop giving people something”, but this story is still going on.
In fact, giver was most likely to succeed at work.
And “taker” and “matcher” are always distributed between “giver”.

The reason why giver is so successful is simple.
Although “taker” can make a profit in the short term, if “taker” wins, there will always be a loser.
On the other hand, if “giver” gains profits, it will have a positive impact on the people around it.
Then, “giver” can build a long-term good relationship with the people around you.
As a result, “giver” will eventually win.

The qualities of the successful giver

Now, let ’s talk about why “giver”, a big failure, cannot succeed.
“giver,” a self-sacrificing spirit, gives too much to others, making it easier to be fooled around.
As a result, he himself will burn out.
In fact, this type of “giver” seems to be vulnerable to crime.

In other words, a successful “giver” is a person who can fully accomplish his or her purpose while delighting in giving something to others.
You don't fail to decide who will help you based on your beliefs.

How to make practical use of this in your life

Instead of competing for a pie with someone as a basic thinking circuit, you should consider how to make the pie larger.That way, you can increase your own profits and the profits of others.

That's why it was recommended for people interested in business and psychology.
I enjoyed the episodes featured in this book with something I have never seen in similar books.
For example, this book includes the story of the writer who worked on “Simpsons” and the story of director Adam Rifkin who worked on “Detroit Rock City”.
Please read it if you are interested.

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