Shopping list also has a diet effect

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Do you make a shopping list when you go shopping?
I've found a study that says “The shopping list also has a diet effect”.

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Reference study

research summary

The research I referred to is as follows.
Loyola Medicine
In this study, people who were on a diet were instructed to make a shopping list when going to the grocery store.
Then, I investigated whether making a shopping list would affect the diet.

research result

On average, subjects who made a shopping list lost about 3.5 kilograms compared to subjects who did not make a shopping list.
Moreover, this effect continued in subsequent follow-up studies.
In other words, the subject who made the shopping list did not rebound after thinning on the diet.
And those who have been using the shopping list for one year have succeeded in losing 3 kilograms on average.

How to make practical use of this in your life

When you go shopping, make a shopping list.
If you haven't decided what to buy, you'll be impulsively bought anything you don't want.
I also make a shopping list every time I go to buy groceries to prevent impulse purchases.
Even from my personal experience, using the shopping list makes it harder to buy sweets in front of the cash register.
This method is recommended because it saves money and allows you to diet.

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