5 Ways to Have a Happy Marriage with a Man Who Already Has a Partner

Love and Marriage

Many women may have had the experience of falling in love with a man who already has a partner.
If you are fortunate enough to have a relationship, and you become serious about your affair with him, the next thing you think about is marriage.

Even though we both want to be together if possible, the hurdles of divorce, the reactions of those around us, and the words “karma” can make us uneasy.

What such a person is most concerned about is, can she really be happy by marrying a husband who took her from another woman?
What do I need to watch out for?
In this article, I will answer those questions.

In conclusion, if you do not make a mistake, you can be happy.
Here are some tips on how to have a happy marriage with a partner you've plundered from another woman and what to do afterwards.
Also, here are some characteristics of women who are more likely to succeed in stealing partners from other women.

Characteristics of a woman who is likely to succeed in stealing a man from another woman.

A person who never speaks ill of his girlfriend/wife.

No matter how much he complains about his girlfriend/wife to you, if you want him to like you, you should not take advantage of his complaining and say bad things about her, such as “She's really stupid, isn't she?
This is because swearing is never a good thing, even if it is done out of empathy.

Men, in particular, tend to dislike it when women speak ill of them or talk behind their backs.
If he complains to you, you will be more impressed if he says, “I wouldn't do that if I were you,” or “I'm sure your wife is going through a tough time, too,” to show that he is strong and to follow up with his girlfriend/wife.

Someone who listens to him intently.

In conversation, men are more likely than women to want to talk about themselves and show off their awesomeness.
However, the longer the relationship, the harder it is for your partner to listen to what you have to say.

Then, naturally, men will be happy to see someone who will listen to them.
If he and his partner don't seem to be getting along, just listening to him will make the man happy.

Someone who can heal him.

Healing is one of the major factors that men look for in a woman.
This is especially true if the person is tired at work and neglected at home.
When a man with a partner comes to another woman for healing, it is a sign that he does not feel healed by his partner.

In addition to listening to him as mentioned above, I recommend giving him a massage or a home-cooked meal to win his heart.

It's also not a good idea to cut corners on skin and hair care, makeup and fashion just because you've recently gotten to know him.
It's not just about stealing men away from other women, because attractive women are the ones who never fail to improve themselves.

Five ways to have a happy marriage, even if it's an abduction.

Proceed with the relationship in such a way that no one will ever find out about it.

In order to have a happy marriage with a man who has taken you from another woman, it is very important that you never let anyone around you know about your affair or unfaithful relationship until you have settled your old relationship and consummated your marriage.
Both your relationship and your plans to get married should be done quietly and under the radar.

Once it is known, the other partner will have a woman's willpower.
If that happens, “I'm not leaving you!” and the relationship may get bogged down, or worse, the relationship itself may not be settled.
If your workplace finds out, you could lose your job.

Furthermore, if the affair is discovered, in most cases, you will be asked to pay a fee.
When you start a new marriage, you have to be prepared for alimony to be a heavy burden.
Happiness may be determined by the availability of alimony.

When you think about buying a house or having children and raising them, you can imagine a happier future if you do not have to pay alimony.
Many couples do not work out because of financial inconvenience.

Take some time after the divorce to register.

If he succeeds in becoming a free man, you may want to register him right away for all the patience you had to put up with.
However, it is important to know that allowing some time to cool down and get married will make the marriage a happy one.

One of the main reasons that can ruin a marriage with a man who has taken it from another woman is the condemning glances, pressures, and worldliness of the people around you.
Regardless of the internal situation between the two parties involved, “stealing a man from another woman” is generally perceived as an “evil” act.

Ideally, the two of you should be able to get married without people knowing that your relationship started before his divorce.
It is important to allow enough time for his divorce to cool down before proceeding to the registry in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

I'm not overly conscious of the fact that I took him away from another woman.

Once the marriage is consummated, you should not be extraordinarily conscious of having taken him away from another woman.
They just fell in love with each other, decided to get divorced by their partner's will, and got married by their consent.
You don't need to feel any more guilt or pressure than necessary towards your partner.

Not being aware that you have taken him away from other women also means not speaking ill of the past.
Don't hate the other person's ex-spouse or children, or want to eliminate anything related to the past.
If you really love your partner and want to marry him/her, you need to be prepared to accept his/her past in its entirety.

It's just like any other marriage.
Acknowledging each other as equals is an important essence of a happy marriage.
If you are sneaky or put the blame on the other person, you will not be able to make things work.

Refer to your previous marriage.

If I were to give you the benefit of the experience of having taken him from another woman, it might be that you have all the data on his failures, what he was unhappy about in his previous marriage and how he came to feel for you.

In your relationship with him, did he ever express his dissatisfaction with your marriage?
My wife doesn't do the housework, I miss her because she puts the kids first, we don't have the same financial sense, etc. ……
You can refer to the complaint and try to eliminate the risk, and take care not to do the same to him.

If you make your home comfortable for him, your marriage will be happy.
He will not be able to get rid of his feelings.
If you are not relieved that you were able to get married, and if you are able to care for each other, that marriage will be a happy one.

Trust that he chose you in the face of adversity.

Taking a lover away from another woman is a very difficult thing to accomplish.
Shady relationships, divorce issues, and blame from others.
If you do not overcome them, you will not be able to achieve your goals.

On the flip side, there is a strong feeling between the two of you that makes you determined to overcome those hurdles.
For men, it is easier to stay in a marriage even if they are not happy with it, especially since divorce is an intensely draining act in terms of nerves, body, and finances.

Even so, trust that he is loving you enough to want to be with you and choose the path of divorce.
If you can trust each other and keep your love and affection for each other, you will finally feel that this marriage was the right one.

Finally, here are some things to keep in mind after marrying a man who took you from another woman.
Even if you are happy right after marriage, there is no way to say that the following things will not happen
It is a good idea to keep this in mind, just in case you need to keep it in a corner of your mind.

The Dos and Don'ts of Marriage by Deprivation

Maybe this time it'll be you…

Men who have had an affair once tend to fall in love easily and may have another affair in the same way.
In some cases, they were able to get married, but he often moved on to other women, and they couldn't stand it and eventually broke up again.

If he should have an affair with another woman again, you may be able to tell that he is having an affair because you have experienced the deprivation of love through infidelity.
Of course, not all men will repeat the affair, but you should be prepared for it to some extent.

There could be cracks in our friendship.

No matter how well you behaved during the relationship, if your husband's ex-wife is a friend or acquaintance of yours, the relationship will often become awkward or even insulated.

If your ex-husband remarries someone close to you, your ex-wife may think, “Maybe he was always interested in her when I was married? If your ex-husband remarries someone close to you, your ex-wife may wonder, “Did he want to marry her when I was married?
In this case, it would be better to open a longer period of time between the divorce from your ex-wife and her marriage to you.

The fact that we made it to marriage cooled my feelings.

The reason why people fall in love with someone who has a partner and their feelings for each other flare up is because of the numerous obstacles”.
It's not uncommon to find that the absence of obstacles such as the eyes of those around you and your ex-wife have cooled down the burning feelings you had for each other.

Have you ever wanted to buy an expensive item of clothing or a limited edition cosmetic product, but lost interest after you got it?
It's the same thing.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to take into account his dissatisfaction with his ex-wife and to set up a comfortable home for him.
Don't relax just because you are married, and remember to be grateful and civil in your daily interactions with him.

be tormented by guilt

If he was not getting along with his ex-wife and wanted to leave her as soon as possible, he may not feel as guilty because he will feel more like he rescued her from a bad situation.
However, what if the relationship itself is not so bad?

The more kind-hearted you are, the happier you should be to be married to him, but it keeps bothering you.
There will be times when you feel guilty for doing so.
Even if people around you didn't find out about the affair, it doesn't change the fact that you took someone's husband.

But because you are such a kind person, you will be able to love your current husband and build a warm home for him.


What you need to do to lead to a happy marriage with a man who has taken you from another woman is to keep your secret until it is fulfilled.
And don't think of taking your partner away from other women as special, but maintain a relationship where you can think of each other.

Taking your partner away from another woman may not be something you can be proud of to the world, but it is no different from a normal marriage in that you both love each other and want to spend the rest of your lives together.
If you can realize this, the path to a happy marriage will become clearer to you.


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