What is an attractive woman? 8 characteristics of women that men find attractive

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  • I want to be an attractive woman to men!
  • I want to be the woman that men don't want to let go of!

Many women have thought the above, right?
So, I'm going to tell you what makes a woman highly attractive in theeyes of men.
I have a question for women who are vaguely thinking that they want tobe popular.
Do you know what makes a man find the woman in front of him “attractive”?

  • A beautiful woman who looks like a popular actress?
  • A glamorous and sexy woman?
  • A good listener?

Of course, a woman who meets these elements will be “irresistible”.
However, all of these elements are difficult to achieve.
It would be like asking the man in your life to become a “handsome,muscular, caring, gentleman” but it's not going to happen.
So how can you realistically become “irresistible”?
The answer is simple.
The answer is to find out what makes a man find a woman attractive andto start working on it right away.
In this article, I'll share with you the characteristics of women whoare highly attractive to men, for women who want to be attractive butdon't know how to do it.

Characteristics of an attractive woman: 1. Fair skin and youthfulappearance

According to German researchers, men pay attention to the condition oftheir partner's skin when deciding whether a woman they've never metbefore is a romantic prospect for them.
Instinctively, men are more attracted to women with fair skin,tautness, and fewer blemishes and freckles than to women with a tired,beautiful face.
This is because they instinctively feel that beautiful skin means healthy.
Good skin also makes a woman look younger than her actual age.
Men generally prefer young women because of their instinct to leavebehind offspring.
In other words, good skin condition is directly related to attractiveness.

Characteristics of an attractive woman: 2. Healthy complexion and shape

As I mentioned above, men are instinctively attracted to healthy women.
Therefore, men are more interested in a woman's youthfulness andhealth as conveyed by the condition of her skin than in her goodmakeup or symmetrical facial features.
If you're looking to be popular, it's important to signal to yourpartner that you're young and healthy, rather than your favoritemakeup.
Too much makeup may be beautiful, but it looks artificial andcounterproductive.
Spend time and money on pursuing natural makeup that makes your skinlook healthy.
Also, for the same reason, standard-bodied women are more attractivethan chubby ones in terms of first impressions.
This is because men instinctively associate a chubby belly with pregnancy.
However, that doesn't mean that skinny women are more attractive.Again, this is because men instinctively associate being too thin withbeing unhealthy.
The best way to become popular is to make a moderate exercise routineand maintain your standard body shape.
Here are two recommendations for making your complexion and shape lookhealthier

  • Wearing a red or pink lipstick rather than a nude color will make youlook bloodier and more attractive!
  • Lack of sleep and lack of exercise can reduce the condition of yourskin, so get rid of it as much as possible!

Characteristics of an attractive woman: 3. Always smiling and charming.

Research on facial expressions and attractiveness from the Universityof British Columbia shows that to men, a woman's smile is a symbol ofkindness and good-naturedness.
When you are in the presence of someone who smiles at you, hatred willnaturally disappear. Therefore, a woman who smiles becomes popular notonly with men, but also with women.
Here are two recommendations to help you become a woman with a great smile.

  • When you wash your face in the morning, try to smile in front of themirror and be aware of your good smile!
  • Regardless of whether you're male or female, smile when you make eyecontact with them!

Characteristics of an attractive woman: 4. Natural and friendly

Men feel close to a woman who treats them in a natural and relaxed manner.
This is because they feel that the woman is opening up to them, andthey feel a sense of closeness and intimacy with her.
On the other hand, if a man is in the presence of a tense or tiredwoman, he senses this vibe and feels a sense of distance, thinkingthat she looks like she's having a hard time or that he should leaveher alone.
Even if you're tired or nervous, just be yourself.
Then you can relax with each other.
Here are some recommendations on how to become a natural woman.

  • Consciously adopt a relaxed posture.
  • Don't cross your legs or arms.
  • Don't hide your hands on your knees, etc.
  • Turn your body towards them.

Characteristics of an attractive woman: 5. Don't behave perfectly.

Research by social psychologist Gary Wood has shown that people whodon't show their weaknesses and try to act perfectly only cause stressto those around them.
The University of British Columbia study on facial expressions andattractiveness, which I mentioned earlier, also found that men areless likely to approach a woman with a confident expression.
In other words, when it comes to attracting men, a better choice is tostimulate their desire to protect you by disclosing your weaknessesand self-disclosing, rather than showing strength, confidence andperfection.
Here are two recommendations for how to become the kind of woman thatmen want to protect.

  • Share a story that reveals your unexpected vulnerability, for example,”The story of how you panicked when a cockroach appeared in your room”or “The story of how you got lost because you couldn't read amap”!
  • On the other hand, refrain from being more bullish than necessary,such as “I've done a better job than most men”.

Characteristics of an attractive woman: 6. Express your emotions honestly.

Multiple psychological studies have pointed out that men are less ableto perceive the emotions of others than women.
In other words, when you try to get them to sense your feelings, theydon't get through to many men.
This is true not only when it comes to anger, but also when it comesto favors.
This is why men are attracted to women who express their favors inhonest words, such as “I might like you,” “I'm dependable,” and “Ilike that about you.
Express your feelings to a man honestly and straightforwardly.
Here are two recommendations on how to get men to understand your feelings.

  • Be honest about your feelings and thoughts. Men can keep their prideby making it happen.
  • Be honest and say “thank you” or something else to show yourappreciation! Men get a sense of satisfaction from seeing a womanhappy and at the same time they find her cute and are increasinglyattracted to her.

Characteristics of an attractive woman: 7. Language is polite and toneis slow.

A woman who uses clean words looks more elegant and attractive than awoman who uses rough language.
Such women use polite language in public as well as in private, whichshows respect for others and makes a good impression.
Also, psychological studies have shown that women who speak slowlylook sexier than women who talk too fast.
In other words, polite language is an excellent tool to bring out thebest in a woman.
Here are two recommendations for how to become a woman of classy language.

  • Learn proper language and etiquette. If you're unsure about yourlanguage and manners, read a book, for example, to learn if yourlanguage and manners are correct.
  • If you have an impatient personality, take a deep breath and calm downbefore you speak. If you can relax your mind, you'll speak more slowlyand naturally.

Characteristics of an attractive woman: 8. Positive

Women who are able to stay positive and not just focus on their faultsare very attractive.
Even if a man fails or tries something and it doesn't go well, theywill think about what needs to be done next time and act in a positiveway.
Such women, when men confide in them about their failures at work,point out the good things about them and follow through instead ofblaming them for their failures.
These positive reactions make men feel safe and attracted to them.


When you smile and communicate your feelings honestly and verbally,not only will you be more attractive to men, but you'll also havebetter relationships with those around you.
If you want to become an attractive woman now, take a look at thisarticle and start practicing a few things that you can do to makeyourself more attractive.
By changing just a few habits, you can become a more attractive woman.

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